Whenever a new year begins it forces us to not just look back on the year that passed but look to what we hope the new year will hold. I tend to get very introspective and maybe a little hard on myself around this time. Yes, there is a lot I am proud of but there is also a lot that I know I could’ve done better. As the saying goes, you are either growing or you are dying and I really prefer to be on the growing side of things…

When I have a goal or desire and cannot seem to make it stick I ask myself is this not something I really want or is fear holding me back? Generally, in my case, it is my fear breathing down my neck reminding me of all the ways I don’t measure up or the reasons that I cannot do something. So this year as I begin again my hope is to be more clever than my fear and outsmart myself when need be.

It has been almost one year since I have posted on this blog I love so much and so this year I plan to blog more and hide behind fear less. Fortune Favors the Brave so lets see where that takes us!

Peace, love and boldness,


p.s. thanks Kirsten

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