Red, White & New

Happy 4th of July weekend!! I hope everyone is having an awesome and relaxing time. In the event you needed some wardrobe inspo for tomorrow here is a roundup of what has me in the mood to wear three colors I generally do not gravitate towards!


Pictured above is what I am actually wearing tomorrow. I love the little star and polkadot detail on this classic silhouette. I’m pairing it with a pair of luggage Rag & Bone Newbury booties and possibly a red leather jacket (in the event I go very literal). I love this dress because it has a vintage feel and shows the tiniest bit of skin in the back. It’s cute and comfy and on sale here.

F3194-bright ivory-fa0b574c-

For a more laid back look I’m loving this tank. I feel like I’d wear the red, white and blue not just for holiday weekends but paired back to high waisted jeans and wedges. It would look equally great with cut off shorts and a gladiator sandal. You can’t go wrong with this cute basic.


I am going bonkers for this blouse as well as the entire Equipment x Kate Moss collection. It is of course totally perfect. This blouse would be great worn with a denim skirt or dressed down with cut off shorts. Pairing the polished blouse with a more deconstructed and downtown pant is very Kate, no? You can always also wear it later with a dark skinny jean, black or grey pencil skirt or I’d love it with leather leggings. Flares too. This top goes with literally everything go get it.


So based off my enthusiasm for the starburst blouse this star crop sweater comes as no surprise. It is also Kate Moss and Equipment collab and I just love it. I’d wear it with anything mentioned above and just think it is so effortless and cool. Just lake Kate.


Any excuse to buy a classic and I think a little red Superga is just that. Pair them with denim shorts or skinny jeans, a cute white tank and maybe tie a blue scarf around your wrist or neck and you are ready to go. Wear these all summer long with a chambray dress, shorts and a linen top or boyfriend jeans (cuffed) and a grey v-neck tee! Supergas are only moderately comfortable so don’t walk a mile in these shoes or you’ll be mad at me….

I hope my little round up got you guys excited for whatever you plans are for tomorrow! I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating all the wonderful freedoms we have to be grateful for! Much love :)

peace, love and sparklers -

Hold Fast


“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”
Joseph Campbell

“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
Dr Seuss

Just a friendly reminder on a Friday night :)

peace, love and turning over new leaves (when you need to) – Amanda

Monday Musings

I’m good enough I’m smart enough and Gosh darn it people like me…


The power of positive thinking… How do we feel about it? I’m going to remind everyone I’m a yoga teacher so I’m thinking you can guess my stance on this. Not to get all college guidance counselor on you but the older I get the more I realize attitude really is everything. We all know people that no matter what is going on they can find a reason to complain. I hate planning this wedding, I don’t want to go on vacation with his family, my (insert perfectly nice person here) is driving me crazy… It just goes to show, you can miss all those wonderful moments by getting stuck on the wrong things. Negative stuff can always be found, in which case (of course there are exceptions) so can positive stuff. As the saying goes, wherever you go there you are. You bring along your attitude and that casts the light on which you see your experiences. Knowing this, how do we deal with feeling a little inauthentic or out of touch when trying to turn our frowns upside down or looking on the bright side of life?? Here are some of my tricks for seeing the glass half full. Which, as a number of my friends can attest, does not always come naturally to me. Hence the tricks…

The number one best way to get my attitude back on track is thinking of things I am grateful for. If I am super down or feeling frustrated realizing I have friends to depend on, a mom to vent to and a dog to snuggle can snap me right out of an emotional tail spin. When I’m feeling blue I grab a piece of paper and jot down seven things I am thankful for. Yep. It’s gotta be seven. There are seven Harry Potter books, seven days in the week and seven is generally considered a rather magical number. In any case it’s enough things to hopefully get out of whatever is getting you down and bring you to a higher vibe. If the first seven don’t do the trick… You guessed it find another seven things. I know you can!

I'm also grateful for this funny girl

I’m also grateful for this funny girl

This one is annoying and I’m sorry but if you’re bummed you gotta get up get out and do something… Grab some tunes and go for a run. Head to the gym. Go to yoga. Do jumping jacks for all I care. But as the ever so wise Elle Woods said, “happy people don’t kill their husbands”. Meaning that the endorphins you get from exercise will automatically help you feel better. Going for a run won’t change the situation that’s getting you down but it will help the way you relate to it which will subsequently help you deal with it better.

Me getting up getting out and doing something.

Me getting up getting out and doing something.

Finally watch Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Or whatever it is that makes you laugh. Or better yet see a funny movie with a friend. Nothing will cut through sadness like a good laugh. I can remember times of intense sadness when I felt so deeply upset it was like nothing was ever going to be funny again. And then something was and it almost cracked me open in a way that reminded me everything would actually be ok. Sayings are sayings for a reason and laughter really is the best medicine.

Me leaving a yoga class and laughing.  A double whammy for feeling better.

Me leaving a yoga class and laughing. A double whammy for feeling better.

I hope these three tricks helped! How do you guys get your head screwed back on straight when you are not feeling like yourselves? I’d love to know so leave your tricks in the comments below!

peace, love and like getting into Harvard is hard –

Dearly Beloved


Ahhhh, it’s that time. Wedding season. For whatever reason I find that wedding guests lose their minds looking for dresses. It is a constant outfit dilemma. You want to look pretty, yet appropriate all the while not upstaging the bride. Unless of course she deserves it, then upstage away! Here’s my guide for the best dresses for wedding guests, with one upstaging option for the bride that had it coming…


Pictured above is this Self Portrait dress. Is it cocktail? Is it black-tie? I feel it can go either way which is the beauty of this dress. You will neither look too fancy nor too dressed up. For those weddings when your boyfriend simply will not tell you what the attire is, this is a great option.


The ever so perplexing beach wedding… Well, this is my pick. I think long and flowy is a must. If you wear short you’d need to wear heels for it to make sense which would not make sense at the beach. Wear a beautiful jeweled sandal, grab a neutral clutch and spritz on the bumble and bumble beach waves!


This classic gown shows a hint of skin at the waist making it a little more interesting and sexy then your typical column gown. Also, navy is the perfect color as it isn’t as harsh as black but still neutral and not too out there.


And one more Self Portrait dress for good measure. Again, nobody can be mad about navy right?? This seems like a good time to mention wearing white to a wedding is never ok. In my opinion no amount of white ever seems appropriate. Leave the white for the bride… it just makes you look jealous. If you are feeling jealous and vengeful maybe just go with…


Wear this and you’re a show stopper! In the event you aren’t trying to stop the show this dress also comes in black.


This Michelle Mason dress is another great option for a beach wedding. I wore a similar dress to a barn wedding last summer and felt really comfortable. It was a million degrees so the easy breeziness of this dress made it a total winner. Dresses like this also seem really effortless and easy. My preferred look at somewhat stuffy occasions where I tend to feel the opposite.


If color isn’t your thing and/or the Self Portrait dress’ price point feels like a mortgage payment this is a great feminine dress that would look lovely on most body types.


Lastly, this Parker dress is great for a daytime wedding or more casual wedding in general. The color will flatter most and the style is also an easy cut to wear cut. Just be sure not to wear it with the shoes pictured above… Yikes. This is also a dress that would come in handy for any occasion be it a bridal shower, baby shower or whatever. The eyelet detail and classic shape make it a dress that you can wear again and again. Just so long as there aren’t any Facebook pics of you in the dress… Then you might as well just sell it on Poshmark because Facebook pics have literally ruined the shelf life for party dresses… Thanks Mark.

I hope these dress ideas helped you navigate the wedding guest garb dilemma. All of these items paired back to a gold or nude shoe with a neutral clutch should get you through wedding season unscathed! Well, maybe not the red one…

peace, love and cocktail chic -

Sleeping Beauty

I love to sleep. Not only do I love sleep but feel I might require more sleep than the average bear… Without a solid eight ours (although I would prefer nine) I am totally useless and cranky. That said here are some things I am seriously wanting to invest in to up the ante in the sleep department. These are definitely on the luxe side but maybe we can consider them investments in our rest?? Arianna Huffington would at least approve I think…


I didn’t know a pajama company could be cool. Now I do. Check them out here.


The Night Pillow is supposed to do a host of things all apparently resulting in making you hotter and more well rested. At $150 a pillow I am hoping all claims are accurate. Read up on all their beautifying benefits here.


While we are on the subject of pillows, I am also wanting to give this Drybar pillow case a whirl. At a third of the price of the Night Pillow I’m thinking I’ll try this first. As someone that washes her hair as little as possible anything claiming to extend the life of my blowout seems like a fantastic idea. Order this here and also get points!


I’ve mentioned my love of sleep masks in previous posts. They really do help me fall asleep and stay asleep more soundly. What I haven’t mentioned is that I am also crazy for monogramming. Win and win. Get yours here.


Putting on hand lotion every night before bed is a habit I am trying to cultivate. As any Gone With the Wind fan will tell you, you can always tell a lady by her hands. But in all seriousness it’s just a good thing to do and when you throw some soothing and relaxing lavender into the mix it is a winning combo. I love the 100 percent pure line and this hand buttercream does not disappoint. I think Scarlett would approve.

I hope this post helps you get your beauty rest! Let me know if you have anything that helps you get a great nights rest in the comments below!

peace, love and Katie Scarlett O’Hara -

To Crop or Not to Crop…

How do you guys feel about the cropped flare jean trend?? Well, I was pretty sure I hated it until… I see images like this


or this


and this


It’s a great way to highlight a cool shoe and a fun trend to add to your normal mix. Denim isn’t a massive investment so it is a great way to look a little more current on a budget. I think the key is to pair it with classic and feminine pieces so you don’t take it too far into the mom jean direction. I like these and these. And this little number is a bargain! If/when the trend falls by the wayside you can always cut them into jean shorts for next summer!

Peace, love and maybe looking like you’re waiting for a flood -

Shades of Gray

Gwyneth Paltrow’s glorious Tribeca apartment is up for sale and I am in full blown swoon. It is just about the most dreamy space ever. It is so feminine and soft in the most unconventional way. It manages to be the perfect amount of dreamy and soft but in no way syrupy sweet. The soft tones and unexpected details make this such a special space.


There could not be a more calming color palette as far as I am concerned. The creamy whites paired with the softest blush and lilac all anchored with slate gray and deep rich natural wood to add the masculinity the space needs to make it feel grounded and balanced.


My love for marble is deep and true. Enough said.


Again, I love the pale hues with a dark table to off set all the airiness. The painted white floors and the pretty door knobs are all just so freaking lovely.


That mantel tho….

If you are as inspired as I am by this beautiful space here are some affordable little accents to goop up your home!


In the event you are feeling bold this pale lilac by California Paints would be beautiful in a foyer or powder room. It could also be a very calm and cozy color for an all white and grey bedroom. Faded Lilac – California Paints.


I do love a good grey and am particularly loving this faint tone by Benjamin Moore called Stone Harbor.


Something tells me this isn’t where GP’s light fixture in her entryway came from but it is a very pretty dup none the less.


This pale grey throw from Restoration Hardware on a white sofa along with these beautiful pillows from ABC Home and Carpet add the right amount of soft and dark.



I hope you loved Gwyneth’s beautiful home as much as I did. She worked with the super talented Roman and Williams design firm to create this space. You can check out their work here.

peace, love and entire kitchens made out of marble –

Smells Like Teen Spirit


Ah, deodorant an ever so glamorous topic of conversation. Well not so much but it’s what we are talking about today! So, I had tried gazillion eco-friendly/healthy/vegan/hippy dippy deodorants and honestly they were in my experience totally horrible. I am pretty active and I would love to say I don’t need any additional help to smell like roses but it just isn’t the case. That being said I also don’t feel great about putting something full of chemicals and other questionable ingredients all up in my lymph node area. Or any area for that matter. But try as I may chemical laden deodorant was the only kind I could find that worked… Until recently. I submit for your approval the holy grail of natural deodorant…


Pictured above is Piper Wai. This little number is where it’s at and gets my vote for best deodorant, eco-friendly or otherwise, on the planet. Bold claim you might say? Well maybe but this stuff is bomb. It smells lovely and it really does its job. I have recommended it to other friends that experienced a similar issue with healthy deodorant and they gave this one two thumbs up as well. Check them out at their website here. As I see it there is only one downside and that is the application process. Sometimes I just don’t feel like scooping product out with my fingers and putting it on my underarm. The sad truth is I guess some mornings I am just that lazy. And for those lazy mornings I turn to…


Schmidt’s! Love love love the smell and if Piper Wai is a nine out of ten then Schmidt’s is and eight. It still does a great job and is just like other poisonous deodorants as far as application goes. They have lots of other great smelling options you can look into here. It doesn’t quite go the distance in the same way as Piper Wai and for when that happens I happen to have…


La Vanilla Healthy Deodorant in my purse. (Are we enjoying these drumroll deodorant cliff hangers?? I know I am.) You can buy this at Sephora and it comes in this cute iddy bitty little size that is great in your makeup bag you keep in your purse. Assuming that you do that and if not I guess it can just rattle around the bottom of your bag. Anyway, this is a great product to apply mid day as it smells lovely and if the sad truth is you’re getting a little gamey this will cover up that issue and you can move on with your life.

So basically I use Piper Wai when I’m not being a lazy slob. When it’s a miracle I made it out the door I’m probably wearing Schmidt’s and if I got super annoyed in the middle of the day and didn’t want someone to see me sweat (or smell me sweat) I throw on some La Vanilla and know I’m legit.


And there you have it! Some insights and oversharing into my personal hygiene routine. Over the years I have been trying to switch to products that the Environmental Working Group deems less toxic. I’ve found many amazing products that I will share with you later here on the blog another time. I hope you like the options I’ve suggested and if not I apologize to you and the people that suffered around you.

peace, love, and deo for your b.o. –

Future’s So Bright

I’ve gotta wear shades… Dorky? I know I know, sorry. Bad jokes aside I love sunglasses, a lot. I have far too many and I should probably be ashamed. But I’m not. Instead I’m going to share with you my very favorite styles for summer so you can be a sunglass hoarder like me!


Pictured above is the Karen Walker Super Lunar sunnies. I have been wearing these a ton lately. They are super comfy, make a great headband, and are dark enough that the sun truly doesn’t bother my eyes. With some lighter lens styles I wonder why I am wearing sunglasses at all.


You can get them here and also check out the Super Duper style here while you’re at it. You can buy them and then take them to a French bakery for a croissant like me.


Another tortoise option I am loving is the Milan III by Illesteva (pronounces illest evaaaa).


I got mine with a mirrored lens which gives them a fun edge for summer and also made me feel like I wasn’t buying something too similar to the Karen Walker sunnies. These also have a round lens which is a style that does not usually flatter my face but in this case looked rather nice (if I do say so myself). There I am below looking a little too cool for school for which I apologize…. Check out all the awesome Illesteva options here.


And a sunglass post wouldn’t be complete without a black cat eye version and right now these are my favorite…


I’m sorry for the selfie but I don’t have lots of other options as far as pictures of myself in sunglasses go… It is what it is. I love these because they are meant to look like Alice in Wonderland’s bow. They are Marc by Marc Jacobs and a Disney collaboration. On the inside of the arm it says, “I am not like other girls”. Which if you knew me you would probably agree…


I looked and looked for these and it would appear they have vanished. So, in an effort not to leave you high and dry in the cat eye department here are these beauties I’ve been seriously wanting for a while.


The ever so cool Tom Ford Anouchka sunnies. Ahhhh I love them. If they remade Breakfast at Tiffany’s I think Audrey would be in these. They are over the top and a little crazy but that is what makes them so fantastic. They are on sale here and I am literally white knuckling it trying not to buy them. I think it’s a losing battle…

I hope you liked this post and it got you in the mood for lazy summer days at the beach and protecting those peepers!

peace, love, and mob wife sunglasses -

For the Love of Yoga Pants


Happy Sunday!

I teach yoga every Sunday morning and I figured I would do a little run down on my favorite yoga pants these days! Ultimately it is about showing up on your mat, being kind to yourself and trying to stay present in your breath. Being comfortable just helps us focus on what is more important rather than being distracted by fussing with clothing. The most important thing about yoga is going, having cute pants is just a side bonus :)


Ok, alo gear is fantastic! The price point can be a little high but you can score these on sale often. Also I would rather have fewer better things then tons of just ok things so keep that in mind. I have the leggings pictured above and although a butterfly print might not be for everyone I think they are whimsical and happy and make me smile. They come in a million color ways so you can have your pick of the litter here. The reason I like these so much is they have a nice wide waist band which I find more comfortable. I hate things digging into me while I’m practicing. I also love that the legging goes over my heel. Occasionally if I get hot I find it annoying at which time I just yank them up and it’s fine. I’m generally cold however so that isn’t much of a problem and actually adds to my comfort!


I love love love Teeki brand leggings. They have so many crazy cool designs and they are the softest material ever. I like that they are a higher rise, also have a bigger waist band and they are super light weight. They are made of recycled water bottles so you can also feel good about buying them. I have the leggings pictured above and am now thinking about purchasing the ones pictured below…


How can I help myself when they are striped and have an elephant wearing a flower crown?? For other whimsical witchy styles check them out here.


Above is Athleta’s chaturanga capri. I used to never like capri yoga pants but as it is a million degrees in Florida right now I am wanting a capri yoga legging more and more. I like Athleta’s because they are super soft, not as thin as the Teeki but somehow equally as cozy. They also are really comfortable on my calf and I find many capri styles are not. They also have a lot of cute more normal styles in the event you are not in the market for unicorn leggings… I am wearing them in the picture below and as you can tell I look thrilled.


I am also liking this style.

I hope shopping for yoga pants inspires you to check out a class if you aren’t already! And if you’ve tried yoga and didn’t love it in the past there are so many different styles as there are different kinds of teachers and studios. I think if you are interested in trying yoga you are already a yogi, you just have to find the place that speaks to you and that is where your practice will take off! I hope you have a great rest of your Sunday and a beautiful day tomorrow.

peace, love, and unicorn pants -