I love sunglasses. A lot. I tell myself it is because I have sensitive eyes so I actually need them. Maybe this is so but it is also because I want them… However, if you aren’t as sunglasses obsessed and looking for a couple practical styles to get you through all year long here you have it. I selected these two super classic styles because a classic won’t ever go “out” and is pretty universally flattering on most everyone.

only two sunnies.001

Style one and two are Ray Ban Wayfarers and classic aviators. We start here because Ray Bans are effortlessly cool, a middle of the road price point and they basically invented both styles. So they come first. Picking a black and brown pair to interchange based on your outfits gives you flexibility and will keep you looking put together most days. These are well made and will last for years and years. I picked the 54mm extra large wayfarer style for this post because when it comes to sunglasses I feel bigger is generally better.

Next up some pricey loftier versions. If you are looking for something a little more luxe we have option three and four. Tom Ford is kind of the master of a black cat eye style and the one pictured above has a lot of classic wayfarer qualities. The aviator is by Oliver Peoples and I love it because they are just well made without a lot of labels to signify the flashiness. They are understated but lovely.

Now, if you tend to lose sunglasses or can’t be bothered spending a lot styles five and six from Old Navy and Gap respectively will get the job done but still be totally stylish. Because both of these are classics it is easy to get them at a more reasonable price and these versions really highlight that point! If you are going on a boat or in the water where the salt water could damage your shades, picking an affordable option is the way to go.

By choosing classic basics at whatever price makes you and your wallet happy you can get a lot of wear and use from your shades and feel totally polished and put together in the process!

xoxo – Amanda

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