I have become increasingly black and white in my likes and dislikes as I get older. Set in my ways more I guess. One such area has been my closet. A few months back I realized there were certain outfits I could wear everyday because I felt like myself but cooler… The outfits you wear and feel super confident and people tell you how great you look. I kinda realized all these outfits had a similar look and I decided to basically turn it into my go to uniform. When in doubt I grab great skinny jeans, a cute tee, some layering piece (a cardi, blazer, scarf) and a fun shoe. Pictured above are a few of my very favorite go to pieces in each category. I can be a picky bitch so I’m optimistic you will like them as much as I do ;)

fav things.001

Skinny jean: I feel like a really standard well fitted skinny jean does not go in or out of style. My rule of thumb is if Audrey Hepburn wore it you’re good. My current favorite pair are these from L’Agence. The style is called the Margot and they are perfect because they are cropped to the ankle and a higher rise. They are also super soft and stretchy but still thick. They are my most comfortable jean. They can easily be dressed up or down and therefore come in super handy. Wear them with sneakers, ballet flats, a bootie or pumps. All around comfy and useful.

Proenza PS1: This is my favorite bag… It is not my newest bag or my bag in the best shape but it is truly my favorite. It is the perfect size and manages to not be too heavy. I love that it doesn’t have tons of logos or brand recogition but is very high quality and well made. I think the PS1 is a classic and was a really good investment as it just looks better with wear.

V-neck: This Monrow v-neck t-shirt is the best! The v is low but not too low. The length is perfect and so is the sleeve. They are also soft and comfy (comfort is a theme here). They are also effortless and cool. The price point for a t-shirt might seem a little high but I can assure you that your cost per wear is going to be very low because this will become your new favorite t-shirt very quickly.

Slip-on sneakers: These vans are iconic and cool. Need I say more??

Leopard cardigan: I love a cardi. Specifically a J. Crew cardigan that I wore so much my friend commented on an insta pic, “long live that cardi” to make fun of my love affair with it. I’m a 90′s kid so something about a librarian/grandpa cardigan just speaks to me. The leopard takes away some of the grunge factor but mixing it with patterns adds to the fun. The sweater I’m wearing in my photo is this one from target and can be yours for the bargain price of $16! The J. Crew version won’t put you back all that much more but it’s hard to beat $16…


peace, love and sticking to the basics -

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