I know I struggle with stuckness pretty frequently… It can be difficult to find the wherewithal to get yourself moving and shaking. There’s a Sanskrit word, samskara, which basically speaks to our patterns or conditioning. When we are in these patterns but know it isn’t in our best interests how do we break out? They say knowing is half the battle. That may be true, but I think the real war is waged in the field of doing. It is not enough to know we need to change or do better. We must be warriors and slay these behaviors that no longer serve us. Here are some helpful suggestions of how.

Call bullshit – our minds can be rascals and we tend to believe our own excuses. I think identifying the lie we are telling ourselves is key. So, if you are trying to break the habit of not exercising for example and your mind keeps telling yourself why you can’t do it maybe try suspending that belief. When I don’t want to work out and I know it is my samskara that is bringing me down I just start the workout and tell myself if I can’t get through it I will just stop and at least I tried. I have to date not not made it through a workout based on whatever excuse I had given myself. So call bullshit on yourself and see how often you would have been holding yourself back had you believed that limiting voice.


Shake it up – We tend to have break throughs when we have a new experience or do something out of the ordinary. We realize we are greater than we are when we have these kinds of moments. So, I suggest if you are feeling really stuck take a weekend trip with yourself somewhere you have never been. Or take a weekend staycation and do things you have never done. Try something really out of your comfort zone with the intention that you are breaking old stale patterns. Then harness that energy from that positive experience and take note of some of the areas you need improving. And then keep that momentum going by seeing suggestion one.


Forgive and move on – If you feel angry at yourself or others for whatever it is in your life that is not working the way you would like it will do you no good to fester in that energy. That energy of blame and shame simply cannot help you. Positivity and empowerment can. Realize things need to change and keep it moving. Forgiving and believing in yourself is powerful and necessary. If you have “disappointed” yourself in the past just remind yourself that if you fall down eight times you get up nine. No great story exists of a hero that didn’t make mistakes. Nobody looks up to those that things have come to without any effort. You will treasure what you can do once you have put your mind to it. Your victory is in your hands, just do what you need to do to grab it.

And while your at it check out the Oprah and Deepak Getting Unstuck Mediation Experience here. I’m pretty sure a little meditation never hurt anyone. And it’s on sale. Win win.

20121104-sss-deepak-chopra-5-949x534peace, love and moving right along -

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