A couple months ago Alexis, the other half of a golden sparrow, took one of our charms and looped it onto a piece of vegan suede cord. The result was this cute little double wrapped choker that I could not wait to wear myself. Once I started wearing mine people also started asking me if they could order them too. And thus these cute little chokers were born. Thanks Alexis… They are only $55, gold vermeil and totally cruelty free as they are hung from vegan suede cording! We have our four basic charm styles so pick whichever speaks to you. I also started wearing mine tied around my wrist and the vegan cord holds up perfectly in the shower. Surprise surprise! Here are a couple pics we took while putting together a little look book for these beauties.

Version 2

Here we are looking significantly more badass than we actually are. The beauty of wardrobing…


There I am wearing a gown with combat boots in a the middle of a field… Because if not now then when?…

These chokers will be up on the website over the weekend and clearly I am a fan. We will be adding additional charms over the course of the month so check out the website for all that newness when you think of it. Clearly these are cute for you but I recommend buying them for someone in your girl gang and spreading the love.

peace, love and rolling with the homies –

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