Thank you for purchasing from a golden sparrow.  We appreciate the love and hope your piece brings you joy every time you wear it.  Thanks to your purchase, a golden sparrow will donate $5 toward a microloan for a woman living in poverty to start her own business.  A golden sparrow supports the nonprofit micro-lending agency Kiva in their efforts to provide opportunities to countless deserving people throughout the world.  At a golden sparrow we feel strongly that when given the opportunity, a woman can do anything, including change her circumstances and uplift her family.  When you arm a mother with financial freedom her children will directly benefit from the enhancement, specifically her daughters.  As two young female entrepreneurs, we care greatly about seeing every woman looking to start a business and change their lives reach their goal.  Your purchase has helped a woman receive an opportunity for which you should feel proud and we feel grateful.  Grateful for your purchase, grateful for your time and hopeful that once you see the beneficiary of your donation, you feel the urge to continue to learn and help women that deserve our assistance throughout the world.  Much love – Amanda and Alexis