Happy Sunday!

I teach yoga every Sunday morning and I figured I would do a little run down on my favorite yoga pants these days! Ultimately it is about showing up on your mat, being kind to yourself and trying to stay present in your breath. Being comfortable just helps us focus on what is more important rather than being distracted by fussing with clothing. The most important thing about yoga is going, having cute pants is just a side bonus :)


Ok, alo gear is fantastic! The price point can be a little high but you can score these on sale often. Also I would rather have fewer better things then tons of just ok things so keep that in mind. I have the leggings pictured above and although a butterfly print might not be for everyone I think they are whimsical and happy and make me smile. They come in a million color ways so you can have your pick of the litter here. The reason I like these so much is they have a nice wide waist band which I find more comfortable. I hate things digging into me while I’m practicing. I also love that the legging goes over my heel. Occasionally if I get hot I find it annoying at which time I just yank them up and it’s fine. I’m generally cold however so that isn’t much of a problem and actually adds to my comfort!


I love love love Teeki brand leggings. They have so many crazy cool designs and they are the softest material ever. I like that they are a higher rise, also have a bigger waist band and they are super light weight. They are made of recycled water bottles so you can also feel good about buying them. I have the leggings pictured above and am now thinking about purchasing the ones pictured below…


How can I help myself when they are striped and have an elephant wearing a flower crown?? For other whimsical witchy styles check them out here.


Above is Athleta’s chaturanga capri. I used to never like capri yoga pants but as it is a million degrees in Florida right now I am wanting a capri yoga legging more and more. I like Athleta’s because they are super soft, not as thin as the Teeki but somehow equally as cozy. They also are really comfortable on my calf and I find many capri styles are not. They also have a lot of cute more normal styles in the event you are not in the market for unicorn leggings… I am wearing them in the picture below and as you can tell I look thrilled.


I am also liking this style.

I hope shopping for yoga pants inspires you to check out a class if you aren’t already! And if you’ve tried yoga and didn’t love it in the past there are so many different styles as there are different kinds of teachers and studios. I think if you are interested in trying yoga you are already a yogi, you just have to find the place that speaks to you and that is where your practice will take off! I hope you have a great rest of your Sunday and a beautiful day tomorrow.

peace, love, and unicorn pants -

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