Someone recently asked us for some mala necklace/bracelet pictures and I took a little stroll down memory lane. We have made a lot of pieces over the years but it pretty much started with the mala necklace. Like most businesses we began because we could not find tassel necklaces that we actually liked and decided to make our own.


Pictured above is one of our very first pieces we made. It makes me happy. And also makes me want to borrow that dress from Alexis…


We generally make the tassels by hand and string every bead ourselves. They are made with a lot of love (or if the tassel won’t stay a tiny bit of frustration). I still wear the above mala all the time and still get compliments on it even though the tassels are a bit dingy from wear and love.


But like anything the imperfections just add to the character. If you want to order a mala please contact us at You can tell us the color tassel and bead you like and we will ship it out to you in no time! Have a beautiful rest of your weekend!

peace, love and imperfections -

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