us minis 2 cropa golden sparrow began in the spring of 2011, although nobody knew it yet – including Amanda and Alexis.  as former co-workers and friends Amanda and Alexis would spend time together going to yoga, baking and partaking in general crafting nonsense.  as it would turn out they decided to whip up some beaded bracelets one day as they could not find a style they wanted.  they wore them around town and by that holiday season they had clients clamoring for handmade beaded pieces.  upon that initial success the girls realized that they could make anything they wanted that they could not find and maybe people would like those pieces too.  and from there a golden sparrow was born.  It has grown from a rainy day activity to a passionate pursuit.  both Amanda and Alexis are soft-hearted souls that felt strongly that if they were to be blessed with the ability to turn this creative platform into a real career that others should benefit too. by bringing awareness through the purchases of their jewelry Amanda and Alexis feel very fortunate to have brought their values directly into their business.  when all is said and done a golden sparrow was brought to be through a very sweet friendship that in turn created a very sweet business.  Amanda and Alexis feel very thankful for any interest their jewelry creates and hope that those that purchase it know how very much it means to them both.

much love – a golden sparrow