Much to my constant push back I am a pink person. I teeter towards Elle Woods maybe a little more than I would like. That said you can only avoid your natural tendencies so much. I just love a pink manicure, especially in the summer. I searched high and low for the most flattering hue and stalked the internet at one point for the shade Giada De Laurentis wears on her cooking show. It’s OPI bubble bath btw. I have currently been rotating between three colors this summer and thought I could share them with you. As fall approaches (how was it already July 4th???) I tend to gravitate toward more grey hues, but for now these are my current favs.


OPI Mod About You is a very neutral creamy pink white. It reminds me of Bubble Bath but with a little more denseness of color which I prefer. It is very understated which makes it perfect for traveling when you need to match a bunch of different things! I’m wearing it above with a pair of previously mentioned yoga pants from this blog. Check out this OPI shade here.


Lauren B Beauty City of Angels a very opaque pink. It is a lot like Essie Fiji but for me less chalky and wears much better. Fiji for me tends to go a little yellow and I don’t find it very flattering. This however is the right amount of shine and matte combo and wears great. If you pair this with her topcoat you will get a good week out of your manicure. It’s a great way to give your nails a break from gel polish but still have lasting power. Find her line of glorious polishes here.


And the winner is… For absolute best and prettiest pink is OPI Let’s Be Friends! From their Hello Kitty Collection duh. But seriously though this is the very best pink around. It’s like City of Angels and Mod About You had a baby. A very pretty white pink that is neutral enough but also makes a little statement. I’m wearing it above and holding the Lauren B beauty top coat to show you guys. You can purchase the topcoat here. Also pictured is my calligraphy homework in the background. I’m trying to teach myself… More on that another time. Anyway you can get Let’s Be Friends! here and I promise the compliments will be rolling in!


Pictured above are two Chanel colors I’m wanting to try. They look like they would be super flattering. Chanel tends to chip really quickly so I wanted to try it with the Lauren B top coat and see how it fairs… I’ll keep you posted!

That’s it for now! Let me know your favorite colors so I can add them to the polishes I want to try! Have a beautiful and happy weekend.

peace, love and the power of pink –

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