I have the winning combination of an oily scalp and dry ends (thanks bleach). I have naturally oilier hair and from coloring my hair and applying heat the ends can be on the dry side. Subsequently washing my hair everyday is really not an option. For one it would exacerbate the dryness and for two my hair is long and I am lazy. Therefore I have a long standing desire to find the very best dry shampoo and minimize my time blowing out my tresses. I submit for your approval my holy grail of dry shampoo products that I think are universally pretty awesome. No washing and repeating necessary…


First up R & Co. Death Valley dry shampoo in a spray. I was actually given this by Keela my hair colorist. I find the spray dry shampoo to not last very long so I never saw a point in purchasing a more expensive brand. That is not the case with this little wonder. The can lasts forever so it makes the price point sting a little less. On top of that you are really paying for what you are getting. The smell is great and the product does what it needs to do. Best of all it doesn’t leave an aggressive white residue to be brushed out. The product is subtle but works. Win and win. You can purchase Death Valley here.


Next in the spray variety of dry shampoo we have my previous favorite Dove Refresh + Care Dry Shampoo. This is a super good price point so when it runs out quickly you don’t feel totally ripped off. Or at least I didn’t. The smell is fine and it works almost too well. My friend said after using it a couple times her hair almost felt like she’d never need to wash it again. I’m not sure she meant that in a good way. But hey, it works. I buy it here when I’m buy 100 other things I don’t need.


So powder products… I am blonde so these are fine by me. I’m sure if you have dark hair these don’t work as well so for that I am sorry. But for my light haired friends these are the powdered products I love. I actually prefer to use a powder variety as I think it is more environmentally friendly. It is also purse friendly as they last forever so your cost per use remains very low. At a little higher price point I really like the Bumble & Bumble Pret-a-Powder. It comes in a large and small version so I can keep the little one in my bag for hair emergencies (or when I ran out of time and have to do it in the work bathroom). The smell is faint and falls into the whatever category but the product is very oil absorbing and even though it is a powder it isn’t super white so you won’t look like George Washington. Unless of course that’s your thing. Different strokes and all that. Check it out here.


Last but not least… My very favorite dry shampoo ever is Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk. This little French wonder is not super expensive, comes in a large amount that lasts forever and the smell isn’t trying to hard (I’m talking to you DryBar dry shampoo). This is just a great product at a great price! It also comes in a spray but it last two weeks for me so I’d rather go with the powder in this case. You can purchase Klorane here.


So there you have it! I’ve tried countless brands and I think most of you can find one you like from the four mentioned above. There’s one for every budget and hair type. So go to Sephora get some samples and invest in a shower cap. Your hair will thank you I promise!!

Peace, love and still taking showers -

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